Mobile Unit:On-site Industrial Hearing Conservation Services










Roanoke Valley Speech & Hearing Center offers a comprehensive hearing conservation program to industries and firms in need of this service. Please call John Eggleston at (540)815-4054 for more information.


On-site Hearing Testing

The mobile unit is used for on-site industrial hearing testing. It is brought  to your workplace, where up to seven employees may be tested at a time. Approximately 200 employees can be tested during an 8-hour shift. Workers are off the job for a minimum amount of time. Test schedules can be customized to accommodate various shift schedules. 


Threshold Audiograms

A baseline audiogram is obtained for each employee and a copy is provided the company. Annual audiograms are compared with the baseline to determine if a threshold shift has occurred.


Additional Information
All hearing conservation services offered by the Center meet or exceed requirements of OSHA and the Labor Department.





OThe program is under the supervision of a Doctoral Level, state licensed and ASHA certified Audiologist. 
OEquipment used meets requirements of American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 
ONo company is too small or too big. 
OThe program may be structured to meet the employer's needs.
OMake-up and re-tests can be performed either on-site or at our office on Colonial Avenue in Roanoke, VA. 
OFees are available upon request. 




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