Our doctoral level, ASHA certified and state licensed Audiologists provide hearing services for individuals of all ages. Services offered by our Audiologists include:


OHearing Screenings

ODiagnostic Hearing testing

OHearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

OHearing Aid Repairs and Adjustments

OFM Systems and other assistive devices

OAuditory Processing Disorder Testing

OCochlear Implant Mapping

OUse of Real Ear Probe Tube Measures

OCustom Earmolds for iPod, MP3 Players,

OMusicians, Newscasters, and Bluetooth headsets as well as Swim Plugs and hearing protection


Our Center works with the Lion's Club, Starkey HEARNOW Foundation, New Well Fund, and Care Credit. These organizations are available to help facilitate the cost of hearing aids. We accept most private insurance, Medicaid, Virginia Premier, and Managed Care Organizations.


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